Workshop + Tabling Registrar

Register here!
Fill out the registration form to if you would like to host a workshop at the TC Anarchist Bookfair. Please fill out this form by August 15, 2012.

This is an Anarchist Bookfair, so please keep in mind:
– No political organizations!
– Nothing racist, sexist, patriarchal or homophobic!
– No capitalist, statist or other authoritarian propaganda!
– No gods, No masters!

To all Comrades in the Struggle,
This September 10th through 16th, Twin Cities Anarchists are putting on a Book Fair and Festival. We would like to bring together radical distros, publishers, zinesters, artists, musicians, crafters, workshoppers, skill-sharers, and speakers to celebrate and encourage anarchy! The focus will be on midwest projects, but we would love radicals from far and wide to come share with us.

Tabling overview
If you are interested in setting up a table to sell books, zines, patches, art, or any other radical stuff, we are renting out tables (see the rates and requirements below). There will also be a table(s) for free literature and information. If you are part of a group or radical project that would like to table and
not sell anything, we won’t charge you, but ask that you perform a workshop or skill-share to help foster a more engaging way of sharing. If you would like to participate send us an email at tcabf at riseup(dot)net by August 15. In the message please answer the questions near the bottom, giving the most information that you can.

Tabling fees
– Full size banquet table (8’x 30″) = $50.00
– Half size table = $25.00
– The fee covers the entire length of the bookfair (Saturday & Sunday)
– Tables may be shared between multiple vendors.
– Deadline to register is August 15, 2012.
– The fees will pay for venue rental, supplies and speakers. Any surplus will be used for next year’s fair, and/or donated to local radical causes.

Participation Questions:
1. How would you like to participate in the bookfair/festival?
(vendor, infoshop, organization, skillshare, workshop, art, music, logistics)

2. What is the focus or special interest in regards to anarchy?
(history, feminism, primitivism, labor, diy, everything, other)

3. Will you need any support from us?
(equipment, lodging etc…)

4. If you can’t make it, would you like to send anything to be displayed/donated?

5. Would you like us to contact you in early September about volunteering on the day(s) of the bookfair?
We will need help with set-up/take-down, food, childcare, clean-up, etc.

We would love to hear back, even if you can’t make it. We welcome any comments and suggestions and hope you spread the word!

in solidarity,
twin cities anarchists


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