Rideshare + Housing

Want a place to stay in the Twin Cities for the Bookfair? Have a couch (or backyard) to offer in the Twin Cities? Want to hitch a ride with other travelers for the Bookfair? Driving and have extra room in your vehicle?  Head over and post your plans / needs on the Bookfair Forum.

Mutual aid rocks!


One thought on “Rideshare + Housing

  1. Hey,

    Thistle Pettersen will be supposedly doing a pro-female bodied/pro-female socialized workshop at this bookfair. Thistle’s love of Mary Daly and Lierre Keith and Thistle’s views on trans people is going to be a problem.

    Anarchists should be pro-queer, not this tired “men are men” and “women are women” and “there is nothing in between”. Does Thistle Pettersen consider trans people (male-to-female trans) to be Frankenstein-like ? (This is a belief by Mary Daly and held dear by fans of her writing)

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