The Anarchist Bookfair Schedule of Events

The Anarchist Bookfair is an inclusive, anti-authoritarian event.
Guerilla workshops / skillshares encouraged.

“What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower”: Rapid Consensus Decision-Making w/ Fantasy // Margaret Killjoy // Sept. 15 // Multi-Purpose Room // 11am
Join author Margaret Killjoy for an interactive reading of What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, his radical steampunk choose-your-own-adventure novel. Become the drunken fop of a protagonist as he gets embroiled in anti-colonial struggle between goblins and gnomes in the undercity of 19th century France! Practice your rapid consensus decision-making skills!

Anarchy As A Relationship // Ian Mayes // Sept. 15 // Computer Room // 11am
This workshop is based on the famous quote by Gustav Landuer that goes: “The State is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of behaviour; we destroy it by contracting other relationships, by behaving differently toward one another.” Based on this understanding, we will discuss different ways that people can approach interpersonal relationships, living arrangement relationships and economic relationships that more closely embody the Stateless/anarchy mode of behavior that Landuaer talks about.

Women, Destruction and Animal Liberation // Kim Socha // Sept. 15 // Multi-Purpose Room // 12pm
Focusing on themes from Kim Socha’s recent book, we will discuss application of anarchist thought as an (a)political frame through which the animal liberation movement can cohere. We will also consider the particular role of women within a new ideological perspective that will call for the destruction of current cultural institutions, considering whether destruction is always violence and how women can become part of a destructivist view of anarchy and liberation without feeling restricted by hetero-normative male gender attributes (i.e. violent and destructive).

Anarchist Writers Discussion Group // Sept. 15 // Computer Room // 12pm
A workshop for all interested anarchist writers of fiction (literature, theatre, film, poetry, etc.) to come together, meet each other and discuss projects of common interest.

Lunch // Sept. 15 // Outside // 1pm
Lunch will be provided on Saturday & Sunday by Sister’s Camelot. Folks who would like to help prepare, serve, and clean up these meals are welcome and greatly appreciated. Please consider taking a shift or two during the weekend.

Guerrilla Workshops // Sept. 15 // Various times through day
Time and space set aside for unscheduled workshops to take place.

To Research For Revolution // Rob Haworth, Meghan Krausch, Isaac Martin, Will Munger, Kevin Van Meter // Sept. 15 // Multi-Purpose Room // 2:30pm
The panel will explore the importance of the written word and engaged research to movement building. When revolutionary movements incorporate research practices, knowledge development, and self-education they strengthen their participant members as well as intensify the effects their organizing and strategies can have. Topics such as the anarchist pedagogy, co-research strategies, counter counter-insurgency research, using the library for research, utilizing the university for radical ends, and the importance of research for radical organizing campaigns will be discussed. Five ten-minute presentations will be followed by a two tier discussion period: the first will explore specific questions for current campaigns, this will be followed by open discussion. Come prepared to participate with questions from your own organizing.

The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics & Housing Justice // Ben Egerman, Travis Erikson, Anthony Nocella // Sept. 15 // Computer Room // 2:30 pm
A book release on The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics and conversation on anarchist economics and the Occupy Movement.

Worker Co-op, What’s That? (Part I) // Ashley Satorius // Sept. 15 // Small Crafts Room // 2:30pm
In this workshop we will discuss the principles and common decision making structure of worker owned cooperative businesses. Bring your questions. If there’s time we may discuss some historical examples and begin a discussion on “What’s the point of worker co-ops anyway?”

followed by: Worker Co-Op Free-For-All (Part II)// 3pm
In this workshop we will go around the room collecting worker co-op related questions and see if we can get them all answered! We might touch on the history of black co-ops in the United States, facilitation techniques for direct democracy, the story of the Basque cooperative, Mondragon, contemporary co-op models of balanced job complexes, start-up loan regeneration, gender solidarity in work leave, native-owned cooperatives, youth-owned cooperatives… YOU NAME IT!

Anarcho-Disability and The Rise of Eco-Ability // Anthony Nocella // Sept. 15 // Computer Room // 3:30pm
In this interactive, engaging critical workshop participants will be involved in collaborative discussions and activities that will challenge the concept of being an individual, normal, dominant, and right. This workshop will also introduce the concept of eco-ability, which interweaves animal, dis-ability, and ecological liberation together. This workshop will argue that nothing in nature is normal, but rather different and that the philosophy of the ecological world and dis-ability studies/liberation are similar.

Hip-Hop & Detention Abolition: Dismantling The School to Prison Pipeline // Save The Kids // Sept. 15 // Multi-Purpose Room // 4pm
This workshop critically examines the representation of formal traditional schooling and teaching in hip hop as social justice education. The current (flawed) system disserves poor youth of color, making hip hop music one of the only forms of expression for the voices of this marginalized population. Hip hop, a Black urban youth culture in the U.S., started in the 1970s to lyrically articulate the experience of oppression and liberation. Through the lyrics of Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Nas, Public Enemy, Dead Prez, KRS-One, and other political rappers, hip hop activists, and hip hop social justice educators an argument in support of massive education and criminal justice system transformation to end racism, classism, and the school-prison industrial complex.

“We Are Many: Reflection on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation” // Margaret Killjoy & Kevin Van Meter // Sept. 15 // Multi-Purpose Room // 5pm
It’s been almost exactly a year since Occupy Wall Street took over Liberty Plaza in downtown New York City, and radical politics in the United States has not been the same since.
We Are Many is a new book from AK Press that asked over 40 Occupy activists what it is we’ve learned as organizers, anarchists, or simply as people concerned with social change and/or rupture. The strategies presented as diverse as the contributors, as diverse as occupy itself. Editor Margaret Killjoy and contributor Kevin from Team Colors will be presenting the book and the ideas held within.

Anarchist Pedagogies: Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education // Robert Haworth // Sept. 16 // Multi-Purpose Room // 11am
This discussion will be based on the edited book entitled, Anarchist Pedagogies: Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education, published via PM Press. The author will focus on anarchist pedagogies as a dynamic concept of developing and negotiating mutual, voluntary, non-hierarchical and radical learning spaces. Additionally, we will look at specific historical landscapes, contemporary movements and highlight proposals for new ways in which we can develop more challenging theoretical tools to actively engage in and critically reflect on anarchism and education; thus, creating potential to form radical educative innovations and creative struggle.

First of May Anarchist Alliance // Kieran F.K. // Sept. 16 // Small Crafts Room // 11am
Introduction to the history, politics, structure and activity of the First of May Anarchist Alliance. Discussion and debate of ideas, strategy, and organization. First of May Anarchist Alliance (M1) is a newer anarchist organization with some unique and controversial politics. M1 militants are active in a range of movements and projects including anti-foreclosure/eviction, labor, anti-fascist and several writing projects. We welcome discussion and debate of anti-authoritarian ideas, strategy, and organization.

Update on Leonard Peltier and Other Political Prisoners // Paulette D’Auteuil // Sept. 16 // Multi-Purpose Room // 12:30pm
This session will discuss the latest with Leonard Peltier and how people can help support him and the committee in setting him free. The workshop will also discuss the importance of freeing all political prisoners and how political repression and prisoners are not recognized by the U.S. government. paulette D’Auteuil, long-time activist and political prisoner supporter, will provide an update on a diversity of prisoners and inform the audience on the needed skills to be a long-time dedicated political prisoner supporter.

Lunch // Sept. 16 // 1pm
Lunch will be provided on Saturday & Sunday by Sister’s Camelot. Folks who would like to help prepare, serve, and clean up these meals are welcome and greatly appreciated. Please consider taking a shift or two during the weekend.

Guerrilla Workshops // Sept. 16 // Various times through day
Time and space set aside for unscheduled workshops to take place.

Radical Mental Health Support // The Icarus Project // Sept. 16 // Computer Room // 2:30pm
The Minneapolis Icarus Project will start an open discussion about radical approaches to mental health. Based on these understandings, we will also talk about what people can do to practically support each other.

“Love & Struggle”: The Relevance of Past Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Struggles for Anarchists Today // Sept. 16 // Multi-Purpose Room // 2:30pm
This session will utilize the writings of political prisoner David Gilbert in his new memoir, Love and Struggle, as a starting point for discussion. Understanding that revolutionary anti-imperialism should be a vital component of any anarchist movement, we’ll look at the specter of 60s and 70s-era revolutionary struggles in our political communities today. What does it mean to organize in an era of prolonged backlash to these movements? What lessons can we take from them? What of their work should we continue, and how? What must we do differently?

Twin Cities Anti-Repression Assembly // Sept. 16 // Multi-Purpose Room //3:30pm
This assembly is intended as a foundational discussion for an ongoing, radical, multi-tendency formation with the goal of building communities of resistance in the Twin Cities. Join other radical Twin Cities activists in asking: What does state repression look like in our work? What knowledge and experience do we hold in this community about fighting state repression? How can we share and build upon that knowledge as we move forward in joint struggle?

Dinner // Sept. 16 // 6:30pm
Dinner will be provided Sunday night by the MARS Collective at The Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Ave S).


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